Holy Week & Easter

Holy Week and Easter tell the story of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection in powerful ways, and the church remembers its grounding in Christ and proclaims the Good News for all-- that life conquers death, love conquers hate, and God's promise of grace is for all! 

Here at Lebanon UMC, you are invited into this story, to walk this journey and to celebrate together the gift of Life. 

Sunday, March 28 at 11 am - Palm Sunday Service - via zoom. Pick up your Palms during the week at the church from 10am to 2pm Tuesday thru Friday. 

Thursday, April 1, 7 pm - Maundy Thursday Service- via zoom.  The Maundy Thursday worship service will be in conjunction with the White River Junction UMC.  Please have bread and grape juice ready at your home for the remembrance and celebration of the Last Supper.


 Friday, April 3 - Good Friday - Due to the pandemic this year we will not have the Good Friday prayer vigil.

Sunday, April 4 - Easter Sunday! 

6 am - Sonríse Service at Colburn Park with our ecumenical neighbors; includes communion and a message. Please remember to wear a mask and social distancing. If you would prefer to sit please bring a chair with you.

11 am- Easter Celebration at 11am via zoom. Have juice & bread ready to partake In communion during worship service)

1230pm - Drive Thru communion