• Worship service will be held at 10:30AM for in person and on zoom.  We will be holding Hybrid services so you can come and worship in person or online.  The worship services will be held in the Sanctuary. 
  • Masks are optional.
  • We will be doing the offering collection – for those that would like to continue giving to the church the way you have been through mail or direct withdrawal 
  • No nursery care at this time but you are welcome to use the nursery if you need to with your little one.   
  • We are having Adult Sunday School at 930am each Sunday and Children's Sunday School is held the 2-4th Sundays as the first Sunday of the month is "Family Sunday" with commuion for all.
  • We need volunteers for Sunday worship - if you are interested contact the office for more information.

How to learn what is going on?

      -  We will continue all announcements and important updates will be available through weekly updates by email. 

      -  Announcement Calls: For urgent announcement and important information, volunteer callers will contact those without email.