Meet Our Pastor


 Hi, I’m Mark Zimmerman, the new pastor of the Lebanon United Methodist Church – and what a great church it is! LUMC is people:  a mix of those who grew up in the church and others who’ve come here from multiple countries, young and old, but young-at-heart, and making up a church family who warmly welcome newcomers warmly. That’s certainly the buzz we’ve gotten in our first several weeks here.

My wife Deirdre and I also made a bit of a journey to come here. Deirdre was born in Dublin, Ireland, and was a missionary in Nepal, where we met and married about 25 years ago. We raised our two boys, Zachary and Benjamin in Kathmandu, our family having just left Asia the summer of 2023. I grew up in Philadelphia, lived in this area to attend Dartmouth Medical School 40 years ago, and worked as a physician in Nepal for my entire medical career.

Although active in the leadership of a Nepali Christian church, this my first appointment as a United Methodist pastor and I’m excited about what God has led us into here in Lebanon. We find ourselves part of a church with a group of people who love Jesus, who want to spread His love to others, and who’d be delighted to have others join us on the journey.

Come check us out – either for Sunday  morning worship at 10:30, we have Adult Sunday school at 9:00am and for children we have Sunday school that takes place during the worship services.