Worship Series

Lent Series: "Re-Build"

(Sermons from this series are be posted at the pastor's blog)  


(RE)BUILD this TEMPLE: God's people re-creating sacred community 


They said to him, “What sign can you show us for doing this?”

Jesus answered them: “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."
                                         – John 2:18-19

There is no denying it: The United Methodist Church is in a season of the loss and hoped-for reconstruction of our beloved faith and sacred community. While this feels unprecedented, we are in fact not alone. God’s people have faced wilderness, exile, fracture, and rebirth many times before. I do not believe God is done with the people called Methodists yet, and from the rubble of this moment, God will call us forth again.

This Lent, we will journey with the ancient people of Israel as they lose – and rebuild – their spiritual center. What will we learn about their, and our, need for God? About resilience? About hope for new life? Come and see how God rebuilds a people, and trust that God can rebuild us. 


Messages in this series: 

March 1 - “We Messed Up.” 
The people learn of their need for God 

March 8 – “Even When God is Silent” 
The destruction of the Temple 

March 15 – “Weeping or Rejoicing?” 
Laying a new foundation 

March 22 – “Not You!” 
Who are we to decide who belongs? 

March 29 – “Can These Bones Live?” 
Jesus promises reconstruction and rebirth

April 5 – (Palm Sunday) “A New Table” 
All are welcome