Worship Series

April 28 - June 2: Sacred Earth, Sacred Work 

(Sermons from this series will be posted at the pastor's blog) 

“God saw everything that God had made, and indeed it was very good.”

 - Genesis 1:31

What if we lived life truly connected to the origins of Creation and the Creator? In the beginning God created all things and called them “good.” Beginning just after Earth Day, our spring worship series, “Sacred Earth, Sacred Work,” invites us into the reverence and care for all of God’s creation. Come explore essential ideas found in Creation Spirituality– a way of living within the community of earth that deepens our reverence for life, participates in the creativity of the cosmos, and develops our passion for justice and human transformation. Through this series, may we be inspired to lead lives of spiritual inquiry, creativity, and prophetic action as our sacred work in the world.

(from Worship Design Studio)