Egypt VBA Collage

Vacation Bible Adventure 2016: 

A Trip to Egypt

This past summer 56 members of our congregation along with 2 families new to LUMC traveled together on a trip to Ancient Egypt.  This was a fabulous intergenerational activity with sojourners aged 15 months to 70! Celebration and Worship began and ended each evening’s program.  The travelers, in family groupings from Asyut and Amarna to Zoan and Zagazig, called upon Joseph in prison and in his palace quarters, trekked to the Pyramid Playground and meandered through the Egyptian Marketplace and Bazaar.  Time spent in the Marketplace included visits to both a Hieroglyphic and a Sand Artist, a Jeweler, and the local Embalmer.  Everyone spent time at the Barber and Salon, the Kid-to-Kid missions tent and the Toy Shop. At the Food Shop the spread of dates, cheeses, grapes, breads and jams kept everyone busy.  Pyramid Playground included mummy races, hunting with hoola hoops, retrieving watermelons and more.  Keep a look out for information regarding next summer’s trip to Ancient Rome where Paul will introduce us all to the Underground Church!